Frequently Asked Question


It’s simple. You find and choose what torrents you want to download and we download them to your personal Loadbt cloud. When this is done, you can stream files online or download them to your device.

First of all, check if the file has at least 20 seeders. Any less than 20 could make the downloading process stop. The torrent could also be damaged in some way and you may need to find it somewhere else.

There are no limits as long as you keep clearing your cloud space.

Nope. As a premium user your downloads go through our SSL secured channel and even your ISP can’t see what you are downloading.

A standard upload is set to a 1.00 ratio within 24 hours of downloading the torrent. After this period, the upload is finished.

Loadbt Premium

Yes, they are! If you are a Premium user, we check all your files with NOD32 antivirus to protect you from any harm.

No, it is already included in the price.