Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is loadbt?

    loadbt is a service that makes torrents near-instantly accessible on the cloud for you to play, download or just collect content you want for you.

  • How do I make loadbt fetch torrents for me?

    Just copy the torrent link (or even just the URL of the page where the torrent is!), paste it inside the area that says "paste torrent URL" then press enter, and the torrent will be available for download and streaming once done.

  • Do I need to leave the site open when I am getting a torrent?

    No. You can close loadbt at any time and fetching torrents continues on our system. loadbt never uses your computer, browser or bandwidth to get files from the internet to your storage.

  • How much does loadbt seed?

    We seed torrents when they reach a 1:1 ratio for public trackers or when the torrent is inactive for 24 hours.

  • Does loadbt use my internet to fetch files?

    No. loadbt uses it's own cloud to add files directly from the internet to your account. That's how your files get there so fast (Up to 200MB/s). That is also why you can tell us to download and even close the site - it never does anything on your computer!

  • Can anyone see my IP address?

    No, they cannot. loadbt fetches torrents directly to our cloud - never going through your computer nor through your network. Using such a system completely separates you from the torrent network, keeping your computer sterile, private and safe.